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4 Tips to Increase Safety in Your Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, whether they are renting it from someone or they own it outright, and there's some simple things you can do to increase your safety and help prevent issues.

1) Keep your windows and doors shut and locked! This may sound obvious, but people often forget to shut windows completely and end up leaving an easy opening for someone to break into their home. Before going to bed each night, check all ground-level doors and windows to ensure they are shut tightly and locked.

2) Install a video doorbell, like a Ring, Nest, or Skybell. These things are very useful and not that expensive, especially when you consider you can move them to your next place when you're ready. They can record video based on movement they see and/or based on when the doorbell button is pushed. Many times burglars simply won't go up to houses where they can see an exterior camera like these installed. To be even more cautious, buy other exterior video cameras to cover more outdoor areas.

3) Don't post on social media when you're leaving the house (or the city, state, country)! Sadly, many people that get burglarized actually know who the person is, as it ends up being a "friend" or family member who knows you and your house well. Don't make it easy on them by posting that you're going on vacation for a week, or that you're leaving for a business trip, etc.

4) Use a monitored security system or at least install door and window sensors. There are many inexpensive security system options out there, including DIY kinds like Simplisafe, and you'll want to make sure it's actually turned ON when it needs to be! Paying for a security system, but never using it properly is just a waste of money. Even the cheap window and door sensors (when turned on) will typically deter someone from entering your home as they are very loud and sound like a normal monitored alarm system. You can find these cheap sensors at Lowes, Home Depot, and other hardware stores.

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